What is a Sportsbook

A sportsbook or sports book is a place to wager or put bets on various sports competitions. The sports may include football basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, horse racing or boxing. The ‘book’ is short for bookmaker or ‘bookie’, and the best UK Betting sites are here. Betting online is increasing popular.

But don’t rely on luck…

What is a Sportsbook

Most sports bettors are overall losers as the bookmakers odds of course stacked in their favour. However I expect to win $20,000 this year – all on about 5-10 minutes a day. If you want to do the same don’t risk your precious capital and end up in debt. Do what I do.

I follow the advice of one person, John Morrison, who has worked out how to beat the bookmakers and he shares his tips for a little fee. They are not really tips – it is all worked out statistically. I strongly recommend if you want to earn from betting instead of being a loser, pay John for his advice, which he will email to you before the bet. The promo video below is worth watching. Take my word – it is very cheap compared to the money which you will win (with nearly 98% probability).

Nor is it a scam. Cautious as I am I had to prove that. The best way to prove to yourself it is not a scam is to decide whatever capital you can invest/risk. Let’s say you start with $2000 dollars and place it into an account with BET US online. Follow John’s advice and keep bets low – say 50-60 dollars each. Reason you keep the first bets low is that to re-gain any loss, you go onto a next level bet – a B bet from an A bet. Anyway that’s all explained, but I emphasise to keep your risk low by keeping each bet low.

Follow this for a couple of months and you can see how much you win/lose without risking all your capital.

I doubled my $2000 in ONE MONTH by making these small bets. That’s 100% return in a month. (I’m risking $120 each bet at present, but I have in mind I can risk little more than $2000). Yes, I am still risking, but I’ve not increased the bets too much yet so I can build and retain capital. I know there is a 3% chance I could end up going to what John calls a C bet. You need to understand A, B and C bets – the system used by John – it is explained elsewhere on this site and also at John’s site – click here to go there.

When my friend told me she had made it into a steady extra income I had to ask what is a sports book. I knew nothing about betting before this. In fact I hardly knew anything about basketball or football. I recommend spending a few hours getting to understand the system, then set up an account to transfer money to and from BET US eg using Neteller.com. Thereafter you only need to spend a few minutes logging onto BET US whenever John sends you an email.